Sermons at St. Andrew's Scots Kirk


Sunday Service: 28th June 2020

Let us, with confidence approach God in prayer.
Let us pray,

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jesus,

You love to offer invitations.

We gather today because of
your invitation to Abraham,
inviting him to step away from the known
through trusting in your promise
of a new family, who would be
willing to share in the care of Your creation.

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26th April 2020 Sermon At St Andrews Scots Kirk

Sunday Service: 26th April 2020

I wonder if any of you have ever mistaken one person for another, it can be

easily done at night, in the rain especially in a crowded place.

People can dress in the same colours or style as someone you know and if it is dark or you have been crying you may not see the person as you normally would. Usually we recognise a person when we see their face in the light or we hear their voice.

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St Thomas Sermon 19th April 2020 St Andrews Scots Kirk

Sunday Service: 19th April 2020

The Call to Worship from the Psalm for today Psalm 16.

I am always aware of the Lord’s presence
he is near, and nothing can shake me
I am thankful and glad
and I feel completely secure
You protect me from the power of death
and you will not abandon me.

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Easter Sunday 2020 At St. Andrews Scots Kirk

Sunday Service: 12th April 2020

Let us come close to our Maker, let us pray.

Lord God

We come to worship You on Easter Day,

Recalling in Sri Lanka the trauma and fear of this day last year.

We gather for worship at Easter still working through our sadness and loss.

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St Andrews Scots Kirk Front View

Sunday Service: 5th April 2020

Readings: Philippians 2.1-5 and Matthew 21. 1-11

What has Palm Sunday to say to a city under a stern curfew and a world which is in lockdown in many countries?

Prayer: May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable in your sight, our Rock and our Redeemer.

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29th March St Andrew's Sunday Service

Sunday Service: 29th March 2020

Readings: Ezekiel 37.1-10 and John 11. 17-44.

Prayer: Wherever we hear the words may we also receive your word, our Rock and our Redeemer. Amen.

Our readings today are the reading that Christians are hearing around the world in the churches today in the midst of the C-19 crisis and they are extraordinary! The first reading is set in a valley of bones, dry bones.

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Found Sheep

Sermon: 22nd March 2020

Three passages today but all leading towards one single word. It emerges from the biblical description of leadership.

So what is this keyword then?

We will arrive at that destination, but first, we need to set out on a small journey of discovery. We begin with possibly the most famous words ever written. There are in equal measure – a song, a poem and a prayer. Part of the Hebrew bible but respected by many other religions and cultures.

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Woman At Well

Sermon: 15th March 2020

We know about thirst in Colombo in March, don’t we?

It is hot by 9.00am and piping hot by noon.

The heat makes our lips parched, our throats dry, our body begins to sends signals from our skin and stomach and organs requesting fluid, the messages become more urgent hour by hour until thirst become a pain, not a request rather a demand and after a remarkably short time just one day our bodies begin to shut down. Yes we certainly need water.

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Conflicted Cousins

Sermon: 12th January 2020

Conflicted Cousins Sermon SASK 12 January 2020             Readings: Isaiah 42.1-9 and Matt 3.13-17 We are going to think about conflict today and consider there

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