Rev Nico Weeber has been invited to preach at St Andrew’s Scots Kirk as sole nominee for the position of Minister at our Church. The plan is that he will preach on Sunday 5th December and those members present at Church on that day will be able to vote as whether to accept him as their future Minister.

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73, Galle Road, Colombo 3. 00300, Sri Lanka.


+94 112 323 765

Contact Church Office

The Church Office Working Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm

  • The Church Officer
    Kanapathy SandraKumar

  • The Session Clerk
    Graham De Krester

  • The Worship Coordinator
    Shewantha Rodrigo

Visitor Information

Open Hours

The church doors are open 365 days a year. Typically, the doors are open:

  • Monday-Friday from approximately 6:30am until 6:30pm
  • Saturday mornings and afternoons (hours vary week to week)
  • Sunday from 7 am until 5 pm

Hours are subject to change depending on scheduled events (i.e. Weddings, Thanksgiving Services, Memorial Services and other private family services)

We open the doors to the church 365 days a year because we know the people of our city would appreciate a space to sit in peace, to pray, within  the sanctuary of a church. We invite you to come inside, whenever you want, and to stay for as long as our doors are open.

While we respect a space for quiet reflection and prayer, if you might want to speak with someone, to ask questions we are available Mondays through Fridays; there is frequently someone available in the office at the back of the church whom you can speak with, even if you show up unannounced. The Church officer will be most happy to help you with your questions.


There are a few steps to enter the Church. However, there is indeed a ramp along the side of the south side of the Church.


St Andrew’s has ample parking space for you within the Church premises.

Public Transportation Access


  • Closest Train Station: Slave Island (Colombo 2)
  • Nearby Train Station: Kolpetty (Colombo 3)
  • Furthest Train Station: Fort (Colombo)


  • 100 all south or north bound buses along Galle Road
    (Crescat Bus Stop)
  • 101 all south or north bound buses along Galle Road
    (Crescat Bus Stop)
  • 112 all south or north bound buses along Galle Road
    (Crescat Bus Stop)
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