Sunday Service: 12th April 2020

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Sunday Service: 12th April 2020

Script Easter Sunday                       St Andrew’s Scots Kirk

Let us come close to our Maker, let us pray

Lord God,

We come to worship You on Easter Day,

Recalling in Sri Lanka the trauma and fear of this day last year.

We gather for worship at Easter still working through our sadness and loss.

We confess it is hard to understand the cruelty we sometimes find in humankind. We confess we are often frightened when situations arise which are beyond our control.

We pray for an end to the evil which is within our race, as when innocents are slaughtered and no motive is obvious.

We in the stillness we remember all who lost a loved one on Easter Day 2019.


We recall in prayers those suffering today due to injury or illnesses including the C-19 virus. 

Lord Your invitation is for us to retain our confidence in dark days and to be strengthened by our faith in Christ, so we gather as his family praying with one voice now saying his great prayer…

All: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory

for ever and ever. Amen.

Good Morning to the children,

If I asked you all to tell me something about Easter, I am sure one of you would mention Jesus and Adina might mention Easter eggs.  I do think these are related.  It is not that Jesus always had eggs for his breakfast or that he particularly liked omelette.   If so, the bible does not mention it. What it does mention is that on day some women went to anoint his dead body with ointments and spices.  I wonder if they had frankincense or myrrh?   What we do know is when they arrived at the tomb.  The tomb in which Jesus had been hurriedly buried on Friday after his crucifixion. However, to their surprise Jesus is not inside the tomb. They were more than surprised; they were shocked and scared.  They had been worried about how they were going to roll the large stone from the entrance of the tomb, but in fact it was already rolled away.

That big stone is important to my question, “How are Jesus and the eggs related?” In Sri Lanka and Scotland and in most countries, Christians will be painting boiled eggs or buying chocolate eggs for today. The egg reminds us of the stone. The stone which was rolled away and which freed Jesus.

 All around the world people prepare eggs, but not everyone knows the reason.

The stone was rolled and Jesus who was dead is risen.  In the early Church they used some lovely words to remind them of this wonderful news. I would like you to say them with me three times,

I say The Lord Is risen and you say, “He is risen indeed”

The Lord is risen.  All: He is risen indeed! 

The Lord is risen. All: He is risen indeed! 

The Lord is risen. All: He is risen indeed! 

Thanks for taking part.

Now our children’s blessing,

Lord Jesus,

This is a glorious day,

For you were dead and now you are alive.

We celebrate with Alleluia, eggs and laughter.

Bless these children and all children with your loving

constant presence and keep them safe.

You are our best friend today, tomorrow and forever,

so, let us celebrate Easter with great joy. Amen.  


Where is the best place to celebrate Easter? For several years the people in our congregation in Edinburgh began Easter Day at dawn in a graveyard. At first it seemed rather eerie and odd, but I came to really appreciate it.  For we met among the dead, a place for some of sadness, but for Christians on Easter Day, even a graveyard is a place of incredible hope.  Why is that? Well the light and love, the power and breath of the Creator cannot ever be contained again after the Easter victory over the grave.  That, for me, is the message of Easter this year. The Christian message is not cancelled by bombers, or coronavirus. Rather it is strengthened.  If our God is not mocked by the indignities of Good Friday, but returns to inspire followers and change the world for good through the triumph of Easter morning. Surely Sri Lanka needs this hopeful message through this dark period.

The best place to celebrate Easter is where you are – home or hospital or quarantine or marooned abroad because after Easter Day Christ’s love is not contained in one body it is available for everybody.

We say that early Easter creed again:

The Lord is risen. All: He is risen indeed! 

The Lord is risen. All: He is risen indeed! 

The Lord is risen. All: He is risen indeed!  Halleluia! Amen.

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