Prayer from Rt Revd Colin Sinclair

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Colin Sinclair
Rt Revd Colin Sinclair – Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Living God,

In our hour of need, we turn again to you, for we have nowhere else to turn.

We put our faith in you because you have proved your faithfulness time and again.

We reaffirm our love for you because you have never let us go.

We thank you that you are not distant from us.

but have drawn near, in your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He has shared our life, tasted our death and defeated it;

He understands our worries and our fears.

Help us to respond as your children now.

We pray for this pandemic spreading across our world,

remembering all who have lost loved ones.

and praying for those seriously ill at this time.

We uphold all Health Services.

as they respond to this added pressure on their already overstretched services.

We pray for doctors and nurses and all in the caring professions,

who work to help and support people as best they can.

We remember those working behind the scenes.

testing samples, confirming results, giving information to patients.

We uphold scientists trying to understand this virus better.

working to create an effective remedy.

We pray for the governments of every nation,

as they work with the best medical advice.

to guide citizens on how we should respond.

and what action we should take.

We pray that their guidelines might be taken seriously.

and that all would put them into action.

May this crisis bring out the best in us, not the worst.

Help us to live by faith and not by fear;

to build bridges, not barriers,

and to resist all who would speak ill of any other group.

May we not forget our responsibility to one another,

not least to the most vulnerable and voiceless in our communities.

Help us to find ways of keeping in touch and offering reassurance.

to those with underlying health issues;

for any who feel particularly vulnerable.

or in danger at present.

As the virus spreads.

we pray for the disruption it causes to normal life,

bringing new fears and anxieties:

We pray for those who have been laid off as their work disappears;

for financial hardship for individuals and businesses;

for the impact on our weakened economy.

We pray for those whose trips which have been cancelled;

and others where events, long anticipated and planned for, have been postponed;

for those making contingency planning for home-based work or child care or exams.

May our inconvenience not blind us to others’ loss.

We remember those.

who cannot visit loved ones in locked-down care homes;

for the elderly whose social contacts have been severely curtailed;

help us to find creative ways of keeping in touch,

of assuring them they are not forgotten or ignored.

May congregations find new ways of living though this time.

May we not forget our faith, but draw strength from it.

So may our worship be heartfelt,

our fellowship deepen.

and our service increase.

In Jesus strong name hear our prayers.  Amen.

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