how we worship

Worship at St. Andrew's

While the church has been on this site for over a 100 years, St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk has been in Sri Lanka for over 175 years and its main purpose has always been as a place of worship and prayer. More details on the history of St. Andrew’s can be found

Everyone is welcome to attend our services.

The building itself may speak to us of the greatness of God or the cleverness of human beings; but the heart of the Church is its worshipping human community. Prayer and worship is central to our weekly pattern and music is integral to this tradition. St. Andrew’s has an active music scheme with visiting choirs, ranging from congregational to professional singers, every month and a series of concerts and special services throughout the year.

To worship is to open ourselves to God: to give to God our time and attention, our hopes and our fears.

In our worship we give thanks together for all that is good, and we pray for others and ourselves. We give our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and, through him, we become children of God.

You are welcome to be present at any of our acts of worship. You can simply listen, or join in with us as much as you are able to do. Our prayer for you is that you may encounter and be transformed by the presence of God in Jesus Christ, at St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk.