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The church is people and people need places to meet.

At St Andrew’s, we consider ourselves blessed by the buildings we have at our disposal. The church and manse are over 100 years old while the hall is more than 50. The cost of caring for such valuable premises is considerable. To keep them in good order, we are reliant on the generosity of friends and worshippers. Every gift helps to ensure that St Andrew's continues to offer moments of peace, reflection, prayer and worship to all those who seek it.

Please join us in safeguarding the future of this oasis of tranquility in the midst of an ever- increasingly concrete Colpetty.

Mission outreach from St. Andrew's Mission is of utmost importance. There are several social responsibility programmes that are undertaken inside and outside the confines of the compound meeting the needs the young, the elderly, the mentally ill, the disabled, the victims of natural or manmade disasters and other affected individuals.