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netherlee cottage

The Netherlee Cottage Project was started in 2005 with a donation from Netherlee Parish Church in Glasgow to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. It is a family house located in a suburb of Colombo owned by St Andrew’s Scots Kirk, Colombo, a congregation of the Church of Scotland. The residents are 6 ladies who have been patients previously in a mental health hospital. The ladies are now living and working in the community and a joy to be with.

Netherlee Cottage is a development centre to reintroduce patients from Muleriyawa Mental Hospital back into society. This is a unique facility in Sri Lanka. Many of these patients have been in the Hospital for over 20 years , it has been their home and their families do not wish to know them. They are not familiar with making choices of what they eat or wear, two items amongst many everyday decisions we all make without any thought.

The residents are encouraged to follow any particular interests they may have to develop their individuality and any faiths which they wish to pursue. Some of the residents enjoy a monthly visit to the local Buddhist Temple where they meet with their friends. Development of the right to choose is paramount and always respected.

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