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If you would like to help St Andrew’s to inspire future generations, please become a Friend. The congregation of St. Andrew’s is partly transient. Over the years, we have made many friends who have worshipped with us in Colombo and who have left Sri Lanka for postings in other countries. Many of these friends still maintain contact with us.

Many visitors also express an interest in supporting our ministry and outreach financially on a regular basis, even after they have left the island, and so we have a “Friends of St. Andrew’s” scheme to facilitate this.

Local Sri Lankans have asked whether their donations can be collected on a regular basis so that they do not have to worry about making up for any weeks that they may have missed when they were unable to attend church.

The “Friends of St. Andrew’s” scheme meets all the above needs. By joining this, all friends have the opportunity of regularising their giving by making a financial contribution towards our activities on a convenient monthly basis. The advantage for St. Andrew’s is that we shall be able to budget more effectively knowing that the church can rely on a regular and secure source of income.

Your support would be greatly appreciated. We suggest that anyone living overseas considers sending a donation to use one of the following methods:

by cheque to:

by bank transfer to: